30 Under 30: Inter(Subject)ivity

3 March - 3 April 2020

Welcoming you to a soft opening of our gallery , we are honored to present an exhibition featuring; Hannah Shin, Ida Lawrence, Ella Wijt, Rega Ayundya, Patricia Untario, Talitha Maranila, Natasha Lubis, Ruth Marbun, Audya Amalia, Andrita Yuniza Orbandi, Anastasia Astika, Claudia Dian, Etza Meisyara, Aisya Rosli and Melta Dessyka. 

The title of the exhibition 'Inter(Subject)ivity' is derived from the notion which depicts a set of shared meanings, perceptions and interpretations. These aspects provide a core area of subjectivity that create assimilating values to break away from categorizing artists and seeing their artworks beyond it's commodity. The artists chosen for this exhibition are female artists aged 30 and under with their artworks priced for RP 30 Million and under. However, the number is not something to compress the idea of emerging artists as some of these artists may be in different levels of their careers. Rather, the numbers provide an equal platform for all artists to share, for the audience to see the artists and artworks at the same starting point of perception.


Market is one of the most realistic aspects that we face as an art public. Sadly it is also where severe commodification draws out the worst of our objectifying tendency namely, calculativeness and manipulativeness. With such a pragmatic mindset, collecting works from emerging women artists, - more than just emerging artists or just woman artists - , are seen as an un-preferable gamble. This is the reason why this exhibition emphasizes inter-subjectivity and mutuality-based interaction; Is that this dichotomy could be avoided by seeing artists and their artworks as more than just possible investment and commodity, but as a person and the extension of their thoughts, concerns, and beings. 


We aim to shift the perspective so that collecting art is an act based on human connection and emotional relation rather than exclusively an investment. Market and collectors need not be the enemy of emerging female artists. Collecting should be seen and done as a form of support and appreciation for our artists, a human to human connection, and an investment of value that is not just monetary.