Fika Ria Santika Indonesian, b. 1987

Fika Ria Santika (b. 1987, West Sumatra, Indonesia), finds nature and the surrounding environment as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. She was born and raised in the Minang culture, a society which adopted the philosophies of nature into its way of life. Her work, ‘Alam Takambang Jadi Guru’ makes her contemplate the deeper meaning of nature’s role as a philosophy of life. This proverb is familiar to most Minang people, but it left Fika wondering whether it still retains its relevance amongst youths in today’s society. Departing from this thought, she was curious to dig deeper into the Minangkabau essence which has made her who she is today. 


Cycle, growth, layers, dynamics, changes, and uncertainties are just a few of the things she has discovered in her study of nature. From these characters, Fika’s series of work entitled ‘Tumpuk Lapis Tampak Isi’ (Stacked Layers, Visible Borders) started to form. This series explores the morning scenery in particular, and how its visually constructed by layers of mist and fog. This morning scenery is a metaphor which features prominently in searching for the essence of a Minangkabau identity. In this process of discovery, Fika went through several different phases which she described as stacked layers. These stacked layers are a different form of her personal experience of interacting with nature. ‘Tumpuk Lapis Tampak Isi’ has

become a main theme of her artistic practice since the beginning of 2016, and it remains an ongoing process of research until now.